Riverside Adventist Academy

It was during the summer of 2007 when Bruce Thorn informed the Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventist, India about a boarding school project which was intended to facilitate the Adventist children to avail Adventist Education, as well as to increase the number of enrolment of Adventist students in the Adventist schools. The MARANATHA India took over the construction responsibility and successfully completed the project, thus enabling the establishment of the Riverside Adventist Academy in the year 2008.


The school is located away from the city; though remote, it is well connected to all basic amenities and the communication is good. The location has enabled a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for instruction and learning of students away from the influence of the city.


The Adventist Child India too is an integral part of the student sponsorship program at Riverside Adventist Academy. It caters to the Below Poverty Line; orphan and semi-orphan Adventist children. This program intends to strengthen the church by: 1. Giving Adventist Education to the to the needful Adventist children; 2. Retention of the Adventist children in the church; and 3. Create a workforce for the church.The school accommodates close to 200 students on a yearly basis making it the second largest school to accommodate the A.C.I. students.


The objective of the school is to impart Adventist education, which intends to promote and provide wholesome education by meeting the four dimension of education: social, physical, mental and spiritual needs of the student in order to instil a wholesome education:

  1. Social Development: The school plans programs like cleaning drives in the market places and other programs for the students to develop a civic sense and responsibility towards their society.
  2. Physical Development: Physical development is an immediate need for a child which develops their physical faculties. This objective is met through its two phase program:
  3. The students need to take part in a compulsory one hour socially useful work program designed by the school to inculcate a sense of dignity for labour, and to educate themselves on the importance of hard earned money.
  4. An ample room for all sports activity by providing sports activities and programs; space and materials.
  5. Mental Development: The school provides Adventist Education to children from L.K.G. to Class XII (Arts & Science). It has over a period of time produced a healthy academic result by maintaining a good pass percentage annually at the Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination and the Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination under the Meghalaya Board of School Education.
  6. Spiritual Development is essential to enable the students to discover a goal and purpose in their life, and also to fill in the void which the world and its materialistic achievement is unable to meet. The school meets this purpose by the various spiritual activities and programs it plans for the students on a regular basis.


The school also caters to the needs of the students by providing residential facilities, as well as non-residential day school program. It facilitates the wholesome growth of the students by a dedicated group of administrators, teachers and non-teaching staffs, who are constantly on duty at all times to meet the needs of the students


The school is affiliated to the Meghalaya State Board, MBOSE (Meghalaya Board of School Education), it is also one of the examination centre under the state board of school education. It is also affiliated to the to the Seventh-day Adventist Church education by being recognised under theAAA (Accreditation Association of Seventh-day Adventist) program.


We encourage all to come and study at Riverside Adventist Academy and avail the true and wholesome education through the Adventist philosophy of education.



Riverside Adventist Academy


Chichotcheng, P.O. Bajengjoba,

North Garo Hills ,Meghalaa 794002


Principal: Rajiv P R Marak

Cell#: 08731960478/7005158244

Email: marak.rajiv3378@gmail.com


Headmaster: GaigampouPalmei

Cell#: 08974415864/887341829

Email: palmeia@rediffmail.com


Treasurer: PanbunPawa

Cell #: 09612149003/9774263846

Email: panbunpawa@rediffmail.com