Nagaland Region

The SDA Church in Nagaland Region

Nagaland got its statehood on December 1, 1963. It borders Manipur in the south, Assam in the west, Arunachal in the northeast, and Burma in the east. It covers an area of 16579 sq km lying between 25060 Latitudes north of the Equator and between 930200E and 950150E Longitudes.

Except Dimapur district, towns and villages in Nagaland are hills dotted with office buildings and houses. People of Nagaland are sincere and hard-working.

Seventh – Day Adventist mission began in Nagaland as early as 1954, the year Dr K. K. Angami, a lady medical doctor declared to have accepted the three angels’ messages through baptism after attending a crusade conducted in Shillong by Pr D.K. Dawn from Australia. Since then, though very slow, there has been progress of the mission.

In late 70s Dr. John Willmot conducted a city crusade at Dimapur, the main commercial city of the state, which resulted in the baptism of a few members. But because of lack of follow-up work and absence of worker in the state, the baptized members returned to their former life.

In the year 1982, evangelist K.B. Peter Keingamba from Manipur came to give Home Bible studies in Dhobinala, Dimapur. Mr Ranjit Kamei, a Government employee and his family took baptism into the Adventist church in October the same year.

The next year, Pr Thangsiama Tlau, came to Dimapur as a circle leader to lead out the work of evangelism and a few members were added to the church. He worked in Nagaland for 3 years and left.

Next came Pr. K.K. Paul to take the place of Pr Thangsiama Tlau. Work force in Nagaland was increased when Pr R. Hungyo came to evangelize Dimapur. Then Mr. Edwin Ramrar and Mr. N. Pherim, were posted in the state as literature evangelists. The work was augmented also by Mr. Thangsong Chiru, a government officer, and other laymen like Mr Gangthai Kamei, who actively supported the work in Nagaland.

Until the year 2000, Nagaland circle was under the then Manipur-Nagaland Section. Nagaland Circle was conferred Region status in the year 2000.

Nagaland Region today

Today Nagaland Region of the Seventh-day Adventists has a membership of 750, 1 High School, 3 organized churches and 5 companies. There are 5 regular field Evangelists and 4 volunteers in the field.

Challenges faced

Nagaland is a mountainous state. It is also known as the Land of festivals, which implies existence of different tribes. Due to diverse culture and coupled with the dominance of the Baptist Church in Nagaland and few field workers, our church presence has been minimal. We need more dedicated workers in the field.

It is not easy to obtain permission to have public evangelistic efforts in most parts of the state. In region such as ours, there are needs of the work of health evangelism, literature evangelism, and good schools. School is one of the best way to evangelize. We earnestly desire for at least one good boarding school in the region.

We also need to train the existing lay members for ministry of the church. We need supports in all these areas. Kindly remember Nagaland Region in your prayer.


Director: Dhormo Kamei
Secretary/Treasurer: Adahe Chara